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Development Framework for Sitecore MVC

Source code for this framework is available on GitHub It’s been 3 year I have been working on Sitecore Mvc (6.6 & 7.2) and had seen some of the bad and best enterprise framework laid out for Sitecore development. With … Continue reading

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GlassMapper with Unity as DI Container

Default GlassMapper demo application uses CastleWindsor as DI container to resolve the dependencies in the runtime. This is also documented as part of the 1st tutorials on glass mapper site. There is another implementation with SimpleInjector but in situation if you … Continue reading

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Sitecore Form Authentication Cookie Renewal and Sliding Expiration

Problem Implement Session Timeout feature in Sitecore and support default form authentication behavior of authentication cookie renewal/expiration and sliding expiration. I looked around the login method and it was called in a standard manner with a call to Sitecore’s Security … Continue reading

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LogViewer for Enterprise Library Database Logging

History At some point in my previous two project, I build the LogViewer application to view the logs generated by my app, most of the time is really easy to just go to database and query with select statement with … Continue reading

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Dynamic Profile ASP.NET – Update

I received a request about the uses of dynamic keyword in profile declaration and in fact it was valid that while declaring the profile object we should be using concrete profile object and not declaring it as dynamic and rather … Continue reading

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Dynamic Profile ASP.NET

Recently, I was trying to use ASP.NET Profile Provider for one of my application but soon ran into trouble due to compatibility issues with my CMS system and complexity involved. I decided to build a generic dynamic Profile class and … Continue reading

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Policy Based Authorization in Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) – Part II

Policy based authorization has been gaining ground lately though it is not fully adopted, XACML – 4 main components PAP is the Policy Administration Point This is where you administer the policies changing the security rules, and policies. This is … Continue reading

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