LogViewer for Enterprise Library Database Logging

At some point in my previous two project, I build the LogViewer application to view the logs generated by my app, most of the time is really easy to just go to database and query with select statement with few conditions but it is always good to have a UI tool where you can do search and sorting with few clicks. It’s not just convenient for me personally but team itself.

As, I needed this tool again but I don’t have the source code from previous project, I decided to build it again from scratch and it is fairly easy and quick to get the initial version running. As, I am trying to get my hands on the AngularJS it was a good opportunity to learn and build.

This tool is build on AngularJS as front end framework with bootstrap, ASP.NET WebApi as backend to support the database interactions and OWIN as framework to keep it light. I have generated the edmx file out of my Enterprise Library database and plugged into a log manager class to retrieve/search the EntLib Log table.

At present it is at early stage and have basic code for configuration and a log manager to fetch the data. Initial version of the code is available on the github.

Lots of 🙂 currently, this application support single field search on message field, but this is just start and will keep the source code updated to support more search fields, sorting and other features.

LogViewer Screenshot

Log Viewer


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