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Sitecore extranet authentication with OpenIdConnect

Beginning of this year, I wrote about how to make ClaimsIdentity work with Sitecore, after that I tried integrating Sitecore extranet authentication with OpenId Connect but had little trouble as I was using Owin based pipelines to perform the integration … Continue reading

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Form Post in Sitecore MVC

Update – 01/12/2015- There is a simplified version available here — This post is 2nd in series of the proposed framework to solve some of the common problem in Sitecore MVC implementation. In this post I am going to … Continue reading

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Development Framework for Sitecore MVC

Source code for this framework is available on GitHub It’s been 3 year I have been working on Sitecore Mvc (6.6 & 7.2) and had seen some of the bad and best enterprise framework laid out for Sitecore development. With … Continue reading

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